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New Jersey is known to be one of the most interesting states in the United States. With its cultural radar of grunge, to over industrialize highway corridors, loud people in expensive t shirts and a statewide prohibition on self serve gas stations. New Jersey has a peculiar history. From having a vast population today, New Jersey goes back to its history of the Delaware Indians. These Delaware Indians lived in New Jersey some 10,000 years ago and today, gives it its unique charm. The Delaware Indians lived in groups, usually extended family members and their cultural baggage was that men hunt for fish during the way.
New Jersey has found itself to be home to the members of the South Asian community. People of Indian descent have set up base there, made N.J home, even, many being born and bought up in New Jersey. This community affiliates with the Hindu faith. New Jersey is home to a large number of people who affiliate with the Hindu faith, and therefore we feel we must cater to their basic needs. A cultural wedding jewelry set which no Hindu wedding can go without. In terms of cultural deficit, usually people away from their home places or their heritage, evoke a feeling or a sense of distance and longing. This nostalgia is sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. We, at Mangalsutra online, have therefore decided to create an online platform for them to wear their emblem of love and commitment and remain true to their identity and culture. We have decided to branch out with exotic Indian wedding jewelry, specifically for the north Indian like diamond mangalsutra and thali mangalyam design for South Indian as per their culture and tradition. The modern and western touch to the classic mangalsutra is exactly what the south Asian community in New Jersey seeks and desire.

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