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San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial centre of Northern California. San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California and the 13th most populous place in the entire of the United States. San Francisco is the fifth most densely populated places with a range of cultures and diversity. San Fransico has a range of restaurants, groups and online portals just for the Indian community. Many people have set up base there as a means of a new life after perhaps studying there and others are second generation Indians. The Indians feel a sense of relief due to having a strong connection with their fellow Indians and therefore a need to buy traditional things that take them back to their roots is vital.
At Mangalsutra online, we understand the importance of respecting ones heritage and culture and being a New York Based diamond jeweller, we value our customers and indeed want them to be able to in touch with their routes in a familiar and simplified manner. This is why we have created Mangalsutra online which allows all of our Hindu brides to purchase their token of love, their wedding day emblem of commitment online, a simply, most modern and fancy way to wear a mangalsutra. Back in the day the Mangalsutra was associated with being the pride of a Hindu bride, but today we know it to be our customer’s choice to wear this and therefore to keep the tradition alive, we have designed and hand crafted spectacular pieces which are phenomenal. Take a glance on

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