About Mangalsutra Online

Mangalsutra online is an online jewelry site which specializes in diamond mangalsutra’s. We curate and hand design our mangalsutras with the help of in house artisans and designers. We have created a modern touch to wearing the mangalsutra whilst still being urban and stylish. Our audience are young, stylish and working women who are Hindu and who like to express themselves in a modern way by wearing their modern emblem of love whilst still being traditional and loyal to their roots.

These are designed with a range of key factors in mind. The choice of metals, interesting gemstones and spectacular settings of diamonds to choose from. We address the basic needs of modern women with a stunning line of elegant and sophisticated jewelry. Each piece is crafted from natural and powerful diamonds. Place your order for a mangalsutra today.

Mangalsutra online history

Mangalsutra online is a line that is run by Mr Raj Kumar under the Venus Gems company. Mr Raj Kumar is an Indian who lives and runs his businesses in New York. Mr Raj Kumar decided to team up and create something for the young, modern and hip Indian bride. As a culture and society, we have observed the downfall of how many young newly wed girls wear their mangalsutras. Of course Indian culture is rich and exotic and it’s a shame to see that these wonderful tokens of love are detoriating in the current market. This is why Mangalsutra online decided to launch their website, specializing in current and modern fashion, inspiring the young Indian girl to go back to her roots yet stay fashionable and stylish at the same time.

Our value

We believe that the little things count, that making sure one stays true to who they are through self-expression and acceptance of culture and heritage is a wide debate that is turning hearts all over the globe today. We believe that self love and wellness is important, hence we find an inextricable link of jewelry and of the soul to be one. Today, we have more control over how we want to express ourselves, whether it is though fashion, skin, hair, jewelry or shoes. We believe it is better to buy fewer things rather than more, which are better. We believe in quality over quantity.

At Mangalsutra online, we know exactly who we are and what we stand for. We love our heritage and our culture and choose to keep it alive and strong through introducing new and upscale designs for our lovely clients and friends. We take a curious, unbiased, open minded and service centric approach to the work that we do. We will never create and curate designs, which we don’t love, and think worthy of your time and your wallet. We value your trust above all things.

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