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Dallas is a sprawling city located in the north of Texas with a notable ranking of the ninth most populous city in the united states. Dallas is acclaimed as one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. It is known for its major cattle, cotton and oil industries along with a large transportation hub. Dallas is widely prominent for its intriguing and rather delicious barbecue and tex-mex cuisine including the signature lobster shooters and the frozen margarita. The signature culinary dishes of Dallas are popular in leaving a mark on people with passionate taste buds.
Apart from it's boasting infrastructure, Dallas is also a prime location offering an array of prestigious local attractions; including the 'The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza' which highlights the historical essence of the city and the 'Dallas World Aquarium' which is home to exotic birds and mammals. Dallas incorporates a melange of population in the ethnic and religious backgrounds and holds a whopping number of asians living in Dallas. The Mangalsutra online website features a wide variety of designs ranging from the classical south indian styles namely the mangalyam and thali design to the marvelous north indian styles and also the modern diamond mangalsutra pattern exclusively created for Asians to savour their traditional culture as well as it's authentic touch and to feel the tranquil comfort of one's home country in another land.

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