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Florida, also referred to as the 'Land of Flowers' is the third most populated state in the U.S. Florida is the only continental U.S. state to experience a tropical climate and also an eminent place to spot the distinctive fauna of the state like the Manatee, a giant aquatic mammal along with the Florida Panther, Bottlenose Dolphin and the American Flamingo. Florida is your best bet to devour the divine Shrimps and Grits, Cuban sandwich and the Key lime pie to relish the rich Floribbean cuisine flavor.
Florida has a wide recognition at an international level in the field of Auto racing, Watersports as well as golf. Florida accommodates many popular attractions such as the Notable Walt Disney world, a huge amusement park to enjoy a fun-filled day, Kennedy Space Center for a fascinating and thrilling time and the iconic Seaworld, Orlando to witness the exquisite marine life. There has been a great escalation in the south Asian population living in Florida and the Mangalsutra website is designed magnificently with an array of authentic Indian designs specifically the gold mangalsutra, diamond mangalsutra and also the remarkable bracelet mangalsutra to stay profoundly connected to your classic Indian culture and traditions.

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