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New York is the most popular city of the United States. It is known to be a multi cultural city with its vast emphasis on art, literature, music and theatre. New York is home to some of the most profound and celebrated individuals who are all artistic in their realm of professions but are also in tune with themselves culturally. Today New York is a multicultural city with people of all ethnic minorities living and working there. Some have made New York home whilst other minorities have migrated second/third and first generation. Whether it is the Asian community, the South Asian community or African American’s, New York is filled with culture and pride and we at Mangalsutra Online, love the fact that our South Asian and Sri Lankan customers belonging to the Hindu culture can benefit from our decision in creating the mangalsutra.
Prioritising culture, people away from their home places or their heritage, evoke a feeling or a sense of distance and longing. This nostalgia is sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. We, at Mangalsutra online, have therefore decided to create an online platform for them to wear their emblem of love and commitment and remain true to their identity and culture. We have decided to branch out with exotic Indian wedding jewelry, specifically for the north Indian like diamond mangalsutra and thali mangalyam design for South Indian as per their culture and tradition. The modern and western touch to the classic mangalsutra is exactly what the south Asian community in New York want and thrive for. We are proud of this venture and are pleased to see a liking towards this.

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